Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fall is here

Sunday greetings!

The last two days have been busy around this household. In addition to the regular work and other daily activities, the felted mice were finished.

You can see that this was met with a round of applause and much mice munching by the kids.

During a lull in the play, I was able to get a group photo.. three felted mice and their proud new owners.

S. and I also spent some time yesterday afternoon getting into the spirit of fall. Here in sunny southern california we are getting a taste of fall. It's great when you get that crisp morning and evening air. Inspired by all of this glorious weather, we went pumpkin shopping.

Here's part of the display on our front porch. In addition to the traditional oranges, I love the blue and white pumpkins too. Fortunately, our local farm store (yes there are farms close by) had a great selection of california-grown pump's.

Finally, last night after a flurry of old Grey's Anatomy shows (on DVD), I finished up the rope cable afghan square.

second square started September 25, 2006
second square finished September 30, 2006

Didn't take me a month to do this one, but I have to say that towards the end I was knitting to finish, not for the pure joy of knitting. (sigh) But, yeah!! I finished the square!

And what will today bring? The mystery of a new day unfolding will tell.
Enjoy the end of your weekend!

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