Friday, October 13, 2006

Ah yes, the baby set too

Friday the 13th greetings!

Don't you just love Friday the 13th? I love all thirteenths. I think they are fabulously good luck.

I remembered one other finished project after I made my blog entry yesterday. So we have a complete record for posterity, here is the baby set:

Baby Shrug by Christina Skye
The Country Trunk pattern
Plymouth Yarn Heaven (100% nylon)
color 13, lot 006 (aqua blue)
US size 13 straight needles
finished September 2006

Baby hat
same material, LYS created pattern
finished September 2006

The picture is a bit of an optical illusion... the shrug really is larger than the hat... grin!

As an update from yesterday, it is confirmed. 100% nylon "yarn" will not block. The orange scaft looks fine, but bounced right back to its original shape. It is now an official FO... I'll call it a scarf-let given its diminutive size.

Otherwise on the knitting front, the horseshoe cable square of the aran afghan continues to progress. I've reached the half way point. Yeah!

I'm hoping my delivery of goodies will arrive this weekend so I can begin mad adventures in swifting and winding. Wish me luck!

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