Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Not twins... it's a boy!

Well big excitement for me today. Two of my best friends are expected a baby boy ... yesterday!

They have been waiting to adopt for quite some time and got a call about two weeks ago indicating they had been selected by a mom for adoption. The baby was to be born the first week of November. Fast, but that gave them about a month to plan and purchase supplies.

This morning we got messages saying the baby came early and they will likely take the baby home today or tomorrow! Wow! Talk about instant family!

Well now that Joshua has arrived, it doesn’t leave all that planned time for creating new baby gifts. Fortunately I have been stashing things away in anticipation of the big event and had at least two gifts to send.

A "knit on the diagonal" baby blankie.

Pattern: Lion Brand's Diagonal Pattern Baby Blanket
knit on Lion Brand Jiffy (100% acrylic)
color 157 Pastel Yellow, dyelot 28280
US size 11 (8 mm) circular needles
size, approximately 36" square
finished sometime earlier this year, approx Feb, 2006

And second, a cut little baby hat.

Pattern guesstimated by the owner of my LYS
knit on Plymouth Yarn Heaven (100% nylon)
color 12 (Yellow), dyelot 005
US size 11 (8 mm) straight bamboo needles
size, approximately 6" high
finished sometime last year, approx July, 2005

After receiving messages this morning, I was off to the store to supplement these two items with a batch of things all new parents might need (no not valium, baby supplies!). I'm happy to say a big box of goodness is now on flight to the new parents. Hope they enjoy the loot!

So you might wonder about me and Mr. LizKnits and how the baby game fits in our plan. Below you'll see the newest additions to our family. A bonsai for us to monitor carefully each day.

And a lovely orchid that does not need its diapers changed.

These two lovelies along with the Ster, Dylan, and Issac (see all about me in the sidebar for pics) are probably all we can handle!

So that's the low-down on the excitement around here. Of course you might wonder about the new knitting. Well truth be told, the knitting was scarce this weekend. Yesterday I did cast on the third square of my aran afghan. Do you really want to see another sad picture of that though? What, you do want pictures of anything? Well ok....

Be forewarned, no more cast on pictures. Given I'll have to cast on at least 6 (maybe 12) more times, I'll just keep referring you back to this photo. I promise it will look the same every time.

Hope you are knitting more than me! Best,

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Kessa said...

2 at the same time? Thats double the joy. =) The baby blanket looks really sweet.
RYN The Swallowtail shawl is pretty straight-forward and I don't think you'll have much problem with it. The nupp is trickier but you can learn a few tricks other knitters used for it on the KAL I guess. Anticipating seeing your swallowtail. ;)