Saturday, September 23, 2006

Getting to know me

Day 2 in the exciting adventures of blogging....

I thought I'd begin by introducing myself.

I live in the greater Los Angeles metro area with four fabulous boys ... my partner, S, and our pup, Sterling, (yes they are both as terrific as they look)

and our two amazing felines, Dylan and Issac.

Yes I know it looks like it's two photos of the same cat... trust me... not the case. Two fabulous brothers. They may look the same, but boy oh boy do they have different personalities. As you might guess from the pics, Dylan (the paper bag kitty) is the one always into trouble... he's also the big lap cat. Issac, hanging out with Sterling in the photo, on the other hand is the responsible, regal one -- calm, serene, stately, until of course "his hypervigilance" gets spooked, then there is frenzied dashing about the house.

I'm a gal with a new addiction to knitting and, maybe even more so, knitting blogs. My biggest challenge right now... how to balance time to read blogs and knit with life? Where do people find time?

What, you might ask, could possibly be as important as blogging and knitting?

One answer... see above... we must have time for the boys.

Beyond the "fam", my time seems to disappear with multiple things. I'm a faculty member at a small private university. I'm a spanish-learning, sometimes yoga-practicing, almost-always working feminist. S and I like to hike (although we more often walk the dog in the neighborhood), walk on the beach, take leisurely bike rides, and (after one memorable kayak ride on the big island) have dreams of taking up kyaking as a hobby. I've lived in California for just over a year now and still feel like I should be spending lots of time seeing everything and taking trips!

Like many knitters, my mom taught me to knit when I was a kid. I can remember being a very tight knitter and barely being able to get needles between loops! More pleasantly, I remember making lots of pompoms for kittens to play with.

Sometime about two, maybe three, years ago I was drawn back to knitting. I can't honestly tell you why. Maybe because I kept reading about the joys of knitting in my b*tch magazine. I went out, bought Stich n B*tch and the Dummy's Guide and off I went. Started off with the obligatory scarves and then moved onto a few more inspired creations (nothing really crazy yet). After a while I discovered Knitty Gritty, then online bulletin boards, then blogs. It doesn't take long to get hooked on blogs (or knitting for that matter) .... I have my favorites. A short list appears to the right and will be added to over time, no doubt. Once you find blogs, then of course you find books and great online magazines like Knitty. Wow... online knitting is a big world.

So now I knit and blog. Of course, I've noticed that I love to see what I can make and to find things to do, but I get distracted by new things when a project takes "too long" to finish... maybe I do need to practice yoga more hmm?

Well that's a very incomplete intro, but it's a start. More info will follow over time.

Have a great weekend!

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Luv2knit said...

Hi, I knit & blog also. I'm new to blogging. Hope my blog is as interesting as yours. Lisa