Friday, October 20, 2006

Love lost for the lifeline

Laugh... lifelines really only work well when you make sure the lifeline runs through all the stiches, you know?

Sigh... I spent 3 hours of my life Thursday night and Friday morning knitting, ripping, knitting, ripping, and finally knitting 2 rows (short ones, I'm still only in the 4th repeat of the buds) on swallowtail. I kept trying to find that one lost stich and I kept ending up with one extra. Finally... I found what I think was a dropped stich and picked it up. Whether it was dropped or not, now it is working. Yep, put that bad stich to work.

Believe you me, I've learned a lesson. I moved my lifeline (yes after only 2 rows!) and caught all my stiches this time.

I think I'll love the lifeline again!

Hope all you Rhinebecker's are having a great time!

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