Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursdays… smile

I am very excited about my most recent knitting project. It will be a gift and I found the perfect pattern in a book last night while browsing! I ran right home and cast on and I can tell it will be a rewarding and fun knit.

Want a preview? It has a big beautiful cable in it.

My week continues to sing along… all is well. That’s such a wonderful thing to be able to say. I actually managed to accomplish some real work yesterday and did some knitting. The best of both worlds!

And last but not least, pictures promised from yesterday.

Not a bad view of the back yard either. Yes it's great to live in LA when everything is still green in October and will be all year!

Yes the washcloths are simple, but isn’t it nice to be able to relax and not think very much once in awhile?

Addendum: I just found a new California Knitters Ring to join ... exciting.


Laura said...

I love that blue cable! Gorgeous. Thank you for joining my ring. :-)

Ellen Bloom said...

Hi Liz!
Thanks for commenting on my blog.
LOVE the blue cable. Will it be part of a sweater, scarf, hat?
Aren't those Ballband Washcloths fun to knit? I've made a ton of them.
You must come to our WeHo SnB on Thursday nights sometime! Check the SnB calendar for the details.