Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Swallowtail comes out of the cacoon

I’ve taken the big plunge and cast on for the swallowtail shawl!

I pinned it out a bit so I could feel like I was accomplishing something other than creating a wad of yarn. I'm only through row 10 of the pattern, but look, two lace buds are already evident! The joy!

Just starting this pattern, I have already gained A LOT of respect for those of you who have completed lace. This stuff is not easy!

I’m generally a slow knitter anyway, but it feels like I’m driving with the parking brake on now [grin]. I like the alpaca lace weight yarn, but working with it is also a new adventure.

Not only do I need a mechanic (to fix that parking brake issue) but I think I also need a microscope to see the fine detail.

Wish me luck… maybe I’ll finish the shawl within the decade!

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