Friday, September 29, 2006

Happy Tax Day

No I'm not delusional... today is tax day for us. We're one of those couples that wait and files at the last possible moment. That last moment will be oct 15th. So this morning we've been looking at what our accountant put together for us. The good news... a return! Money for yarn (grin).

So while watching Grey's Anatomy last night, I worked on the rope cable afghan square some more. I'm at about 5 inches in length, so not quite half way. It's not a one day project but I feel I'm making progress.

Yesterday morning before I went into work I also did a bit of knitting. Of course I didn't really want to work on the aforementioned project so instead I cast on for Fetching.

I've never done a glove, mitten, or sock so I feel I'm being adventuresome here. I have knit on DPNs before, including constructing one hat that turned out too small to wear, but this should give me some new skills.

It's almost the weekend... more time for knitting!
(Have I mentioned that my work has suffered a bit, but that my knitting has blossomed, since I started blogging?)

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