Monday, October 23, 2006

Not weighing guilt or innocence today

Good morning friends and family,

This week I've been called to jury duty. The good news is, I didn't have to report this morning. The bad news, I might still have to report 4 other days this week. Every night it's like going to Vegas. You call the magic number to learn if you've won or lost.

I have such mixed feelings about jury duty. On the one hand, I think it's obvious we need some system of justice and I know that no system will work without the participation of everyone. On the other hand, I think our current system has such problems. I have serious concerns with the prison-industrial complex, not to mention the bias against people of color and the poor.

Wish me luck after 5pm tonight.

S and I had a nice, low key weekend. His research advisor turned 50 on Friday so we went to a little soirée for that occasion. Rubbed elbows with the somewhat famous (at least within their own small academic worlds). Had some great thai food.

The rest of the weekend was rest for me and work for S! He had a project deadline; I did not. The joy!

In my state of relaxation, I continued to make some progress on swallowtail. I’ve finished the 7th repeat of the bud lace pattern. It is funny how lace just looks like a big blob as knit.

A little stretching and voila, magic!

Look at those cute little buds.

I’m definitely going to stick with it to make this shawl bigger. Carol Knits posted some fabulous photos of her swallowtail that gave me good perspective on its size. While it’s beautiful at its regular size, I think I’d like to have it a bit larger.

Of course, I'm going to take two decades to finish it if I make it larger. I don't know what happens, but I keep making mistakes. I pay attention. All seems well. I get to the end of a row and count and... What!?!... one too many stitches, one too few stitches. I've resorted to using lifelines more frequently so I have to frog less. Ahh the many uses of dental floss.

Well it's back to work (and knitting too of course). Only a billion stitches to go….

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Beth said...

That shawl is BEAUTIFUL! Ya gotta love lace.