Monday, October 02, 2006

The end of the weekend

Ah the end of the weekend... such a sad thing. Fortunately the next weekend is only 5 days away!

Sunday was a nice, quiet day for us. The morning did start off with excitement though. Our neighborhood was featured in the LA Times! Every week the paper picks one neighborhood to discuss and this week it was us (not a bad feat given the size of metro LA).

Of course the realtors took advantage of the free press and there were almost 20 open houses yesterday. S and I did take the opportunity to go visit a couple houses and met one really nice realtor, Arthur Ramos, who lives in the area and is selling a very cute bungalow with some great original built-ins. If your looking for a new home, you should check it out.

Other than the daily sunday activities, I did only a little knitting. I did cut lots of tshirts for calamari.

I think I (may) now have enough "yarn" to finish up the rug. We have a large second ball of yarn ready to go (it's about 8" tall to give you some perspective, those are US 35 needles).

The knitting is a bit over 2/3rd finished at this point. I'm getting less sure about how I'll piece the three panels together when I'm done, but I'm sure something will work out.

Other than the rug, my only other creative enterprise yesterday was a bit of baking. Nothing like the smell of fresh bread in the house!

Hope everyone's week starts off well.

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