Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I definitely think I’ve created a monster… me. It was bad enough when I was just reading blogs and knitting a bit. Now I’m posting to my own blog, still reading everyone else’s blogs, and feeling compelled to knit more, and more exciting, things to put on my blog. I don’t want my (nonexistent) public to be disappointed!!

Today I visited the Panopticon’s blog and read his entry on his new love of all things kitten. I felt compelled to comment on his post and when reading through other’s responses saw that Lisa – Robb had included a link and pictures for another type of catnip mouse, the mouse-pigs. So of course I had to check that out and my, aren’t they cute. So yes, now I’m knitting green mouse-pigs for my two feline friends.

Do you like that picture of my own two mouse-pigs? I especially like the little mousehole at the back.

I suspect I probably only need one as my two brothers like to share, but I will have enough yarn for many, many mouse-pigs according to the pattern from

In one evening I finished the knitting on two mice (about two and one-half hours for the first, two hours for the second; fast for me). It was a good exercise too as I had to use several stitches I’ve never actually put into practice before (e.g., making a bobble, making an i-cord, using the Make 1 increase where you put a backwards loop on the needle, and SSK). I guess reading lots online must have soaked in because it wasn’t too hard. Of course, I would be negligent if I failed to mention the tremendous help I got from looking at Techniques w/ Theresa on Knitty and

Next step, sewing up and felting – another first! I’ve only accidentally felted before (you know washing a sweater in water that was too hot). An adventure!

Happy Wednesday knitting.

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