Monday, October 16, 2006

Issac (and more) in a bag

Issac has decided he didn't really need that plain cardboard box... no, indeed. He has decided that the must travel in much higher style. Supporting evidence...

This weekend was a busy, nonknitting, one. S and I served as docents as part of Pomona Heritage's annual Tour of Homes. We had great fun learning about the house we were in, The Garden (which is both a residence and nursery), and thought that the other homes on the tour were great. It was also fun to meet more neighbors.

My one bit of knitting this weekend was on something new. Yep, I didn't think that knitting more cables in cream was exciting enough. So instead I cast on a washcloth from those fine Mason Dixon women.

This Mason Dixon knitting book is really quite funny. I'm enjoying the patterns and just the book itself.

On the aquiring front... it's a terrible American affliction and I'm afraid that I've become infected... I found a new knitting store this weekend! It's called Knitwitz and it's in San Dimas. Looks like a great little store and I plan to go back and loiter frequently. (They are not online, nor in the yellow pages, which is why I hadn't found them before. A trip to my car mechanic accidently put me into their path).

I did make a small "investment" in yarn this weekend as well. I have a few projects planned and couldn't pass up a sale.

Now I just need to find time to knit ....

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