Sunday, October 29, 2006

Early halloween anyone?

Spoookkkkyyyyyy hmm?

Last night we went to a 60's halloween party. S and I like to do things a little different. Rather than being the typical hippy peace-nic, we decided to show our committment to an activist cause. View the result... the end of the 60s... Kent State students assasinated in their quest for peace!

We scavenged our local goodwill to find old sweatshirts and S made a super template for the Kent State logo. A little spray paint and voila. We purchased our bullet holes from our local halloween central supply store and, add a little makeup, instant death!

Laugh... we had a great time at the party, hosted by one of my co-workers, and definitely turned a few heads. The kids were the funniest. There were a number of 5-6 year olds and they kept coming back to look at us. They just couldn't quite put it all together!

On other spooky fronts, in tune with the holiday season, one of our cactus has bloomed.

What an amazing flower! The picture pretty accurately capture the strange coloration pattern on the flower (no that's not pixelation). What's even more amazing, we have two more to come.

Mother nature does create some amazing things!

Enjoy your extra "fall back" hour today... I know I will.

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Kessa said...

My gosh. Those Halloween makeup are really well done.. They look real! The cactus flower looks scary-spikey though. lol