Wednesday, June 24, 2009

3 weeks

and finally a post! That is a very sad record for me. Lucky for you I'm going to have several in a row. First a couple of catch ups and then a FO!

And where do we start with the catch up... well with growing chickens of course!

The girls are about 9 weeks old now! Crazy old ... it's hard to believe. If you're any judge of chickens and remember past posts on the girls, you'll also realize what we have come to understand. Our buff orpingtons, not so much orpingtons. Our best guess at this point is that we have two lovely rhode island reds.

At least we were right about the barred rocks. And these two girls, they have gotten huge!

This is S's favorite thing (and really mine) right now too... the morning frolic with the girls. They are really a bit tired of their little house and ready to move outside permanently. Our plan is to make that transition later this week. In the meantime, for entertainment, they get the run of the kitchen a couple times a day. This basically involves me putting a big pile of zucchini, spinach, lettuce, or some other veggie down for them and then them running crazy around the kitchen. Very entertaining.

Other than chicken time (and the dreaded work... which I am not currently enjoying and will not discuss fo fear of depressing the whole world), the other fun, fun thing we did recently was take a trip to the beach. Two nights at Crystal Cove State Park in southern California (this is close to Newport Beach for those with the geography). We love this little place.

We watched lots of sunsets (well OK only two, but it felt like lots) ...

and took lots of walks and runs on the beach. A great spot. Check it out if you're close by.

Lucky for me, the beach made a great spot for a photo shot of my most recent FO -- the textured shawl. I'll post that soon. Yummy suri merino -- stay tuned! And of course... more chicken fun to come as well!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Fun and games

That's not all that's going on around here, but there are at least a few fun things happening. This partly involves... you guessed it... knitting!

Not one, but two new projects cast on.

First, I've started an angora stuffed bunny. I purchased a boat load of angora when one of my LYSs went out of business. Why I did this I don't really know. But what better use for fluffy angora than to knit bunnies? I'll keep you posted on how this turns out but so far it is super soft and I won't have to wear it. ;=}

Second, the textured shawl. I bought two skeins of expensive, at least to me, alpaca on my trip to Philly a couple of years ago. Souvenir yarn you know. I had no idea what to do with it until I had a brainstorm ... why one of the projects in my ravelry favs used just 2 skeins of this exact yarn. Yeah a project is born. So far I'm loving it... also very soft with good texture. See a theme here... loving me some soft yarn.

Of course the other fun is chicken fun. Ready for your weekly dose of cute? Be sure to listen for Sterling whining through the door. He so wants to come eat play with the chicks!

And how bout a close up?

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!