Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The regal music plays

Taaa dahhh (the trumpets sound)...

the calamari rug is done! I had just enough yarn (just a bit left over) and think that all and all it came out well. I decided to weave the three sections together using a crochet hook and some extra tshirt material and that seems to have gone well. The joints are now all flush. The only other fiddly part was that each section wasn't perfectly even (in part because each shirt was a slightly different thickness so knitting the same number of rows did not result in the same length panel). I just eased things along as I put the sections together and voila!

Something else to put in the finished object category.
Enjoy your tuesday.

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debi said...

hi liz - it's gorgeous produce, huh? and it really is that good. the csa is based in the san diego area, but they have local pick up places all over. the link is http://www.tierramiguelfarm.org/ and if you check the pledge form link it has a list of everywhere they go.