Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Crossed snake eyes?

OK… perhaps my complaints were premature.

Yesterday at 9am sharp I appeared at the county courthouse along with 150 – yes 150 – other potential jurors. It was 9:45 before everyone made it through the line and everyone was checked in. We received a nice little “pep talk” from a judge and then got a break. [laugh]. Yep, a half hour break. Then we sat around for an hour. At 11:30 we got to leave early for our lunch break… a two hour lunch break. Back at 1:30pm… sit around some more. At 3:30 the friendly staff announced that the last anticipated panel wouldn’t be needed because the case was pleaded-out. Home by 3:45pm.


I still have very mixed feelings about this whole system, but luckily escaped the clutches today.

And as a bonus… knitting time.

I was a little worried when I “registered” by phone. The recorded message said I couldn’t bring any pointy objects (knitting needles… pointy objects… surely not!). I decided to hedge my bets and brought knitting along. Went right through the security screen without trouble, twice. That gave me a few quality hours with my pointy friends. As a result, my second mason dixon ball-band wash cloth….

[this is where a lovely picture would have appeared except S ran off with the camera this morning ... the horrors!]

Such a small FO… such a large sense of satisfaction.

Pictures another time. Today I enjoy the freedom of no longer being on-call for the court!

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Kessa said...

Its difficult to change such systems.. But at least its more fair than other systems, I think.. yay for instant gratification. ;)