Tuesday, October 16, 2007

WIP roundup

Last night, just before I left work at the late hour of about 9pm, I checked my email to find the most recent installment of Knitting Daily. The topic of the day... UFO and WIPs (unfinished objects and works in progress for non-knitting family members).

As I look around casa de LizKnits I feel pretty good about the state of my projects. As you can tell from my sidebar, I have 5 projects on the needles. Only three are works in progress, in my humble opinion. All are getting some regular attention.

The baby bolero is coming along nicely... should be done before the baby is (unless Mother Nature plays cruel tricks on the mom).

Elizabeth is also developing nicely. I like laying her out this way... you get a sense of the neckline and the developing body.

And clapotis... well she hasn't gotten any smaller! She is at about 2 foot and I anticipate that she'll be about 5 foot long when I run out of yarn (which is my goal). You may recall that I shortened the width of this project to match the amount of yarn that I purchased in Maine (alpaca from the farm we toured). She'll be more of a stole than a scarf when done.

Those other 2 projects over there... I'll just label them UFO. They aren't in progress certainly. One day I'll get back to them. For now, three projects seems comfortable though.

Excitement today... knitty group is tonight. We are having an anniversary party for the 1 year birthday of the group. Fun!

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