Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Want to see something funny?

OK... that's not really the funny part ... although it is a bit funny.

Before the funnyness, a BIG DISCLAIMER!

I think the pattern for Urchin is great. It was an easy knit, a well written pattern, and should make a great hat. In fact, I'll probably knit it again.

This is a funny story not about urchin, but about a foolish girl who chose the wrong yarn for the right pattern.

So here's the back story. I saw the pattern for urchin online when it first came out. I printed it out and put it in my pile for things to consider knitting at some time in the future. The trick of course was that I didn't know where I'd find the called for thick-n-thin yarn and I wasn't yet so motivated to knit the hat that I considered finding it online.

One day several weeks later I visited my local giant hobby supply store in search of knitting unrelated materials. While walking down the yarn isle, which let's face it I feel compelled to do even if I don't really want to buy any yarn, I noticed a think and thin yarn on the top shelf. Hmmm... 100% acrylic -- bad... soft and fluffy -- good.

Well there goes the story... I came home with the yarn and whipped it up into urchin over three short evenings of knitting. You of course know the ending considering the fact I knitted the hat up in acrylic when the yarn called for was an expensive designer yarn right?

Want to see the humiliation?

Looks a little toadstool like hmm? Maybe if I try to slouch it off to the right?

What about a bit less slouch?

How bout the upright look?

Maybe even the chef's hat look?

The left slouch?

Bottom line... the 100% acrylic just doesn't do the french beret slouch.

Can you guess where urchin is now?

The moral of the story... don't cheapskate out. It's one skein of nice yarn... splurge or you'll end up with a toadstool on your head. =]

Urchin by Ysolda
2 skeins of Mernat Max (100% acrylic)
in Natural (Color 95008)
US size 7 circulars
cast on Oct 4, 2007
finished October 6, 2007

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