Sunday, October 07, 2007

FiFi photo shoot

Fifi -- she is finished and now photographed. Thanks for hanging out with me through this fairly long knit. I'm very happy with the final project. In fact, I'd say this is the best sweater I've done so far in terms of fit and my likelihood to wear.

Ready for more photos than you can shake a stick at?

If you're looking for a knit, I'd definitely recommend this one. The cabled pattern is beautiful and the instructions are clear and easy. The only place I got confused was the separation of the sleeves from the body. I think I followed the instructions too literally and ended up making the sleeves the body and vise versa. If you just make sure the larger areas are the body and the smaller areas are the sleeves, you'll be fine. I also really enjoyed using the Rowan Calmer; a very knittable yarn.

FiFi by Kristeen and the French Girls
4 skeins of Rowan Calmer (80% cotton, 20% elite polyester fiber)
in Sour (Color 483, Lot 9K6)
US size 7 circulars and US size 6 dpns
cast on ~August 12, 2007
finished October 3, 2007

only modification involved lengthening the lower bodice -- I did 10 repeats of the 8 row set to have a 12 inch length rather than the 9.5 inch cropped version shown in the pattern.


Anonymous said...

That came out very pretty. I might just have to get that pattern to add to my stash. I have worked with Rowan Calmer in the past, it is indeed nice yarn.

Marlena said...

Holy wow, that's cute!