Thursday, October 04, 2007

FiFi fini

I started to doubt it would ever happen but last night I finished FiFi!

I'll take some "in use" photos later on but couldn't wait to share the good news. The sweater fits well and I'm pleased with the final outcome. All in all, not counting the confusion about which sections become the body and which the armholes, I found this pattern to be clear and relatively easy. I love cables... they give you so much bang for the buck. This is the most complicated sweater I've done so far though (not to mention the one with the most stitches per inch) and it definitely confirmed for me that I am not a fast knitter.

Last night I also got a pleasant suprise; I won a drawing over at Bonne Marie's for a copy of Lacy Little Knits. If you didn't see the video she posted last week, you should go see it. It's almost unbelievable. Thanks Bonne Marie for sharing the wealth!

I also saw a random thing yesterday that I wanted to share. Now generally I'm not much into cutesy stuff, but this just caught me as funny.

The broom "goes thru" the pole. I love the flat face and the cat on the back.

And last, in this post full of various and sundry unrelated details, I went a little crazy last night on the way home from work.

I think I'll be making more stitch markers.

p.s. tell the family, S's doctor's appt went well this morning... good bill of health.


Ellen Bloom said...

Fifi looks divine. Congratulations on finishing! Is it a top-down sweater?

LizKnits said...

She is a top down raglan style sweater... lots of small cables but very knittable!