Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm starting to know how the dinosaurs felt

It's now snowing ash in La Verne where I work and Pomona where I live. The sky has this weird almost orange cast to it (although not the orange glow of fire... the fires are all still very far away from us). The sun's still up there, but the smoke is really giving it a run for its money. It looks more like the moon, but it's blood red. You just can't really get the color from the photo.

Strange times.


Anonymous said...

Yep, it's bad. I was coming home on the train tonight and the sunset was deep red, and the moon was coming up in the east, and it was deep orange. It's "snowing" here at my house in Glendora too. I hope the get these fires under control soon.

Kim said...

I hope the fires get under control soon. A blog friend who lives in San Diego county is under an evacuation order. The whole thing is scary & horrible.