Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Let's mark everything!

Last month my parents and sister went on a trip. Because they are considerate that way, they picked up small gifts for S and I. I'll have to get the details, but in short they are small charms to be worn as pins or on a necklace. One for S and one for me. Of course as soon as I opened the box I saw knitting potential... stitch markers.

After quickly absconding with S's gift and claiming it as my own, I visited my local retail hobby store. Surely I could make stitch markers with some basic equipment? After two trips checking out the supplies (one of which was interrupted because S can only take so much of the giant retail hobby store on a saturday, poor thing), I came home equipped with jump rings, eyepins, and a small pliers kit.

A bit of experimenting later and I have stitch markers!

Of course, the thing about giant retail hobby stores is that they suck you in and before you know it you've bought more than you planned to buy. Well since I had the equipment, shouldn't I make more markers?

Tiger striped ones.

Translucent ones with orange centers.

Lavendar ones.

Yep... with beads on clearance I just couldn't resist. I think I can mark every project I have and then some now.

Great fun... good outcome. I may have to make more knitting friends so I can have an excuse to make more of these!


Beth said...

I thought about doing the same thing, to make my own, but I never got around to it. You should sell some on Etsy, it's amazing what those go for!

Marlena said...

Those are all so pretty, but I think the orange ones are my favorites.