Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Last night my local SnB met and we celebrated the one year anniversary of the group. It's been a small but fun group.

Recently I have found myself able to attend only about once a month or even only every other month. The group meets once a week, alternating monday and tuesday nights. Since I teach on mondays that means that half the meetings are out. Every other meeting on tuesdays is in Monrovia, which is just a little farther than I want to drive. That means that I can only go once per month typically. Last month I was in Oklahoma, the month before I took a spinning lesson. You see how it goes.

This month though... I was happy to put it on my calendar and protect my time so I could go to group and boy did we have a good time.

Jenean, the great girl she is, made us a super cake.

Have you ever seen anything so cute?

And if that weren't enough, Jenean brought gifts to raffle off. Lydia won a market bag

and Saya won a frame (here in a lovely gift bag).

I think I mentioned that I had quite a good time making some stitch markers for myself. I think I even made the comment that I needed to find some more knitting friends to make more for. Well don't those people above look like good knitting friends?

Yep, more door prizes for attendees. I never had so much fun giving things away!

I think the class was even more fun because we had a little impromptu cabling class with, if you can believe it, me as the instructor! [laugh]. Now I hardly think of myself as ready to teach a knitting class but I figured people want to know how, surely I could at least wing the basics. We didn't do anything fancy, but I think everyone left realizing it was something they could do. Love to preach the knitting gospel.

So a fun, exciting class with lessons learned. Of course I should also point out another part of the fun of the evening for me was that I also came away as quite a beneficiary of the generosity. See the evidence...

Lydia was so kind as to bring in some old magazines and I scooped up the Vogue knits... love the cables. I won the "Not tonight darling, I'm knitting" book in Jenean's raffle. The owner of the shop where we meet, Knitwitz, also gave out gifts... the lovely padded needle sleeve. The rest... well let's just say I felt compelled to bring home a little bit more... some yarn for fingerless gloves for S and a new pattern for future consideration.

A good night for sure.

And the s on the 'versaries in the title; this is my 200th post. Fun!

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