Monday, October 22, 2007

A quiet weekend

This weekend was a bit quiet for me ... I came home from work Friday with a bit of a bug. I'm pleased to say that a bazillion cups of echinacea tea later, I'm feeling much better.

With the general lethargy that comes with "sick" I didn't do much on the knitting front (or any other front for that matter). I did, though, make a bit of progress on Elizabeth.

So far, gauge looks good (even though I dropped down two needle sizes and it still seems crazy to me that I'm knitting a sweater on 3s) and the fabric is coming out nicely. I'm using the called for yarn which has a bit of angora in it so the fabric is a bit fuzzy. Definitely a bit of that blurry look that you see in romantic shots of leading ladies to take away the rough edges. Surely that can only help right?

Sunday afternoon I decided, in the goal of not being overly "finish" focused, to cast on for S's fingerless gloves.

So far, so good here too. I really like this yarn, Alpaca with a Twist Highlander. It's 45% baby alpaca, 45% merino, 8% microfiber, and 2% viscose. It's soft to work with and I love the tweedy look that I'm getting with the yarn as it works up. I think these should be quite functional and hide the inevitable dirt that gloves will pick up.

On other fronts, I'm pleased to say that so far we are safe from the southern cal wildfires. The news here is something to watch though. The closest fire from us was about 10 miles away... but over all city development so no real danger of travelling this far. There's still a pretty large fire in Irvine where S goes to school. He went in this morning. The air quality was so bad he had to come back home. At 8:30am he said it looked like twilight and he said there was soot all over campus. Bad things people, very bad. I'll be thinking about all those people still in danger's way tonight.

Last... can't wait to read some Rhinebeck scoop... I'm hoping to have time tomorrow to check out some blogs.

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