Thursday, May 31, 2007

Broccoli as big as your head

or at least my head. S pulled this out of the garden yesterday. Pretty impressive in my own lowly opinion.

On the knitting front, my gauge check for the drop stitch lace tank has been growing and growing. I started with US 7s, the size called for by the pattern. Definitely not going to fit... too big (that's the bottom 6 rows in the pic below). So I switched to 5s (yes two sizes below). You know what, not much difference (see the middle six rows).

Last night I knit the top six rows (and this time I only did 4 of the eyelet repeats... guess I'm not a total brick) and I'm now at pattern gauge. But this is using size 3 needles?!? Could this possibly be right? I guess the only way to tell is to cast on and do a bit of full sized knitting. There's nothing like holding something up to your body to really know. I am worried that my ribbing will end up too tight but on the other hand, maybe I really need this to keep from being too loose.

It's a mystery to me right now.

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