Friday, May 11, 2007

Where has the week gone?

It always amazes me when a week has suddenly disappeared without a trace. Where does the time go?

So where have I spent my time this week? Well I spent many, many hours in my office. At least I had these cute recycled glass paperweights to look at as distraction.

Several evenings this week were spent in the back yard, creating this mess...

We had (notice the past tense) a fairly large size pine-variety type tree growing along one of our fence lines. This same fence line also had a bougainvillea on it. Well, have you heard the idea that you have to be careful because vining plants can pull down fences? Well ours didn't pull down the fence, it pulled down the pine tree. No joke, pulled it down, snapped the trunks. The picture above shows some of the left overs after I hacked away at the remains for several days.

You can see the remaining stump here too, along with the remains of the vine which I have pruned unmercilessly! I'll teach it to kill one of my trees!

Knitting has been scarce. In fact, I didn't knit even one stitch for two whole days. I am now back on track though.

Isn't she inspirational... all the way down to the picot edging.

I'm not sure why I love all those little holes so much! I've actually finished the body since that picture was taken and have started on the sleeves which I'm knitting in the round. Maybe this weekend will get me back on knitting track!

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Beth said...

Your sweater looks like it will turn out really nice! Thank you for visiting my blog, it's always nice to have comments. :)