Sunday, May 06, 2007

The long haul

Progress continues on the cropped cardi from Fitted Knits. I've reached the straight body portion of the sweater and am about half way through (the picture above was from this morning and a few more inches have been finished since then).

Size is still looking good and I think it will work out fine for me with the cotton ease (Lion Brand) substitute.

While it's not much of an issue, there is a small error in the pattern. As Stephanie points out, there is an error in the stitch count on page 60 under the body section. You rep. only one of the last 2 rows once more so the numbers are off by 2. They are not 128, 140, 152 etc. they are 126, 138 etc. This doesn't affect anything later since it's just straight SS from there down, but might trip up a strict counter.

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Jenean said...

After you showed me the Fitted Knits book I went on my wish list and noticed that I'd had it there! :) I'm such a goon. Your knits are looking fabulous!