Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy mothers day

This weekend has been quiet for us. We tended to our garden a bit yesterday and are quite pleased with how it's coming along.

No visit to the garden would be safe from a little taste-testing...

Everything has really taken off over the past week or so.

The artichokes are gigantic. We don't know if we'll have fruit this year or not, but we're hoping.

The pole beans now completely cover the trellis and are full of blooms.

Our japanese eggplant have even started to bloom... fruit won't be far behind here either.

The strawberries have been very prolific this year. Every weekend I do a harvest and pull at least 40 berries out. They are still fairly small fruit, but getting sweeter as the season continues.

And of course, big excitement... the broccoli have started forming heads. Won't be long before we have many things to eat from the bed.

In indoor news... all members of the family are happy.

Dylan here displays the ultimate level of comfort (take a look at that hind foot, up in the air, bent at a 90 degree angle... interesting). Issac also continues to be of excellent health... his med condition seems to be well maintained at this point.

And Sterling... well he's fabulous. This afternoon we decided to have lunch on our front porch (72 degrees, sunny... how could you not eat outside). He was just enthralled with the grilled corn we had. So after the meal was over, I gave him a cob. You'd think he just got the best rawhide ever.

He carried it around like this for at least 20 minutes before he settled down for a snack.

At first he was nibble, nibble, nibbling. When he started breaking off chunks to eat whole, we had to take the snack away. Ah the joys of doghood.

Happy mothers day moms and grandmoms!

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