Friday, May 04, 2007

Cropped Cardi continues

Don't you love it when the yoke is done and you get to separate the sleeves from the body? I do!! And how. It's as if instantaneously you have a sweater! I have to admit, I also was getting quite bored of the fairly long rows of plain knitting (not to mention the even less fun long rows of purling). Of course I can't complain... they weren't that long and there weren't that many of them. [Laugh] Just something to complain about I guess.

This little cardigan is sailing along. An initial try-on at this point suggests I'm on the right track size-wise as well. I'll be taking another test drive after the body knitting to see where I am, but so far, so good.

In future planning news, the postal carrier came with delicious gifts this week.

Cascade Cloud 9 for the Elizabeth Bennett cardigan (merino and angora... soft!). Although I won't be starting this one right away, the yarn is on closeout at webs so I scooped it up while I could.

Lana Grossa Royal Tweed for the Textured Tunic. This wasn't as easy to find, but I ordered it from Yarns International which is in Maryland. Very nice people, helpful on the phone, sent the yarn right out.

I'm excited to finish up the cropped cardi and move onto more fun projects!

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