Monday, May 28, 2007

Let the fun begin!

Previously, I believed that S had excellent photography skills. Recently his work has been challenging this idea [grin].

Nevertheless, we can celebrate today with the completion of my Cropped Cardigan with(out) leaf ties from Fitted Knits.

Here's the mellow photo, taken by moi.

Isn't she nice? An easy little project despite my many vacations from knitting. This was the first time I used an applied i-cord to finish a neck line and I quite like how it turned out.

Are you now ready for the laughter to commence? Here's the wall of shame that S took for me yesterday to model said FO. Shameful, shameful it is!

The "look at the ground" "look at the ground" "let's be artistic" shot.

The "catch me in the act of talking and trying to explain that looking at the ground will give me a double chin" shot. Amazingly, double chin not in evidence although the resulting image does look like I'm modeling and admiring certain body parts (not true!).

And last, but certainly not least . . .

the "move your hair out of your face so I can take a picture of you with your eyes closed" shot.

Really, I don't think I do things like this in real life! It is a testiment to my self-confidence that I post these photos for general entertainment. [grin].

All in all, a good easy project, my second from fitted knits (and my third sweater ever). I'm looking forward to my next project from the book, the drop stitch lace tank which I swatched last night.

Cropped Cardigan with leaf ties from Fitted Knits
by Stephanie Japel
Lion Brand Cotton Ease (50% cotton, 50% acrylic)
less than 4 skeins 194 Lime (lot 35035)
US size 6 (4mm) circular and dp needles
started April 29, 2007
finished May 28, 2007

knitted as specified, at gauge, for 34 1/2 " size. Modification include knitting sleeves in the round, leaving leaves off ties, and doing a 3 stich i-cord along the front sides to give them a bit more heft and to prevent curling. One minor error in stich count in pattern, but this is at the end of the body and doesn't affect any work.


Bear Knits said...

Your Cropped Cardi came out great! Love the photo shoot! Thanks for modifications!

I'm now adding this to my to-do list.

Robin said...

Looks great! Love the photo shoot. This one is on my list!

Tanya said...

I love this cardy. This is my favourite one in the book (I think! Some of the others are really cute too) Yours came out great. It is so hard to take photos of your projects on yourself without looking like a dork isn't it. I think you might be on to something, go with the deliberate dork angle! Good-on-ya!

PĂ©itseoga said...

I'm knitting it right now! in a wintery rialto aran (blue), first knit in over 10 years!