Thursday, May 24, 2007

The slowest sleeve ever . . .

of course, that's at least in part because I've been going days between knitting!

The cardi is still coming along, but slowly. Work has kept me hopping for the last two weeks. I'm hoping next week will finally slow down a bit. Last week I had to work on the conference quite a bit and we had interviews for the graduate program I chair. In my "spare time" I collected some information for a research project I'm doing. Over the weekend it was more conferencing and then the conference program had to go to the printer Tuesday. Tomorrow is graduation.

[catching breath]

Is it any suprise that I haven't been knitting?

Not all has been work in my absence. I did have a b-day which was nice... at least one day that was fairly low key. I think this weekend may be slow as well. S and I are planning a hike Saturday morning and then hopefully nothing else. This is good because we have comprehensive exams to give at work next week and then the conference is the week after. Summer... don't let anyone tell you it's a time where work slows down!

Hope everyone else is enjoying their May.


Koko said...

I'm glad to see how your Cropped Cardi is going on now! As I posted on my blog, I've already given up my Cardi.
You tried teaching a man how to knit? Wow! I haven't tried it yet.

ernie said...

We enjoy your blogs. Have a nice hike this Sat.
Love, Gran & Ern