Monday, June 04, 2007

Drop stitch craziness continues

Although Saturday was spent at the office, Sunday provided a nice day of rest around here and time to work a bit on my drop stitch lace tank.

The very good news is that this is a very enjoyable knit. I look forward to more time with it. This is especially good since I'm probably going to rip this all out and start again. I'm not sure why I can't figure out the sizing with this, but it looks like the top will be too small if I keep on with the current size. I probably need to go back to the needle size originally called for by the pattern (which is US 7; this is made with US 5s).

On other fronts, lest you think that only broccoli grows in our garden, view the bounty that the earth is starting to provide.

Green beans (there are bunches ready to harvest... see that guy hanging down at the bottom right of the photo).

The zucchini are flowering.

And baby japanese eggplant (this may be harder to see, just under the bottom ring of the cage, a little purple fruit).

Hopefully these little guys will help us improve the quality of our diet.


ernie said...

We enjoy your blogs. We enjoy your pictures of knitting and gardening.
Love Gran & Ern

Tanya said...

I love the post from Gran and Ern, that is too cute. I wish my Grandma was computer saavy.

I am sorry to tell you I tagged you with 8 random things (if you haven't been tagged already)! Sorry I know these things are kinda a pain but I suffer silly guilt over being the one to "break the chain" for some bizarre reason.