Thursday, March 29, 2007

Decisions, decisions, decisions

After finishing picovoli, I'm left in a project-less state. Well that's not entirely true, swallowtail is still on the needles (ignored since November!) but I'm just not ready to go there yet!

So what's a girl to do. Last night I started considering my choices.

1. Forest Canopy Shawl. Earlier this year I purchased some Koigu to do this project. Now I feel somewhat ambivalent. Last night I google blog searched and saw some lovely photos of completed projects. Given this, I went ahead and purchased the pattern. I went to my stash-all and realized I don't have the right size needle. [sigh] So the question now is should I go find new needles or do I do something different with the Koigu? I was considering socks as an alternative.

How do people feel about shawls? One one hand, I think they are beautiful. Lord knows I am cold ALL the time so I could use extra warmth. But... are they practical? I'm just not sure whether it makes sense. Then I think, but it's only one shawl... so what if you only use it once in awhile. It's not like I use the christmas stockings I made on a regular basis!

2. Something from Loop-d-Loop.

I purchased this book some time ago with the plan to make the braided neckpiece. I saw this completed in one of my LYS, The Kitter's Studio. It was quite attractive in person. I don't have the yarn called for in the book (a bulky cashmere) but have toyed with the idea of using something else I have as a substitute: hand-dyed skeins of Thick and Quick that are a nice sage color. I did buy this yarn to make a christmas stocking from, but I could change my mind I suppose.

There are several other projects in the book that are appealing as well. The cabled riding jacket is phenomenal. Posts on Elspeth's blog suggest that this pattern is full of errors and may be well beyond my capabilities at this time though. I also wonder if it would look quite as lovely on someone larger than a toothpick.

The fair isle hooded capelet in the book is also quite cute. Again this is a bulky yarn and I might be able to use the sage green yarn I described above. I'd have to swatch to see if this could work. The practicality factor gets me here again. How often would I wear a hooded capelet?

The zip-off color-block yoke sweater I also think is very interesting. It is full of zippers though (that's how the sections are connected to each other; not with seams but with zippers). I think this is a project for advanced skills.

The corrugated asymmetrical v-neck sweater also is quite interesting. This is one of those designs that I'd like to see more photos of though. Sure it's cute in the fashion photos, but in real life? A search of blog world reveals a photo or two or three that look reasonable. I think I can keep this on the maybe list.

Hmm... looks like there are several options here.

3. Some other sweater. For awhile I was considering the Central Park Hoodie. This still seems like a good option, but it's not calling to me at this moment.

The other sweater that's been calling to me from blogland is the Katherine Hepburn cardigan from Lace Style. I've knit two patterns from this book as a knitster on Knitty Gritty several months back. Both projects were accessories and neither was magnificent, still....

Reading about this on Cara's blog and seeing her progress has been pretty inspiring. I certainly love the way cables come out so this might be a good choice. But size 5 needles and sportweight for the entire sweater? I'm not sure that ranks up there with the best choice for second sweater ever.

4. I've been thinking about purchasing Cables Untangled as well. Beth brought this book to one of our stich-n-b*tches and I thought it was quite beautiful. So no specific project in mind here, but there may be another cable project here to try.

Another book that I saw reviewed in the LA Times (of all places) was Twinkle's Big City Knits. I love the idea of knitting a sweater with bulky weight. Maybe I really am lazy at heart and just haven't accepted this yet.

5. More socks. I have yarn for at least 2 more pair of socks. Some trekking and some lornas laces.

6. Other projects... well there is that stash of yarn for dishclothes, for an aran afghan, for some skinny scarves, for the mother bear project, and even the lion brand suede I purchased at the 99cent store with no clear plan. Here's a novel idea, I could even knit a square for a habitat afghan. Can you tell how excited I am about any of these options right now?


Nothing is jumping up and down and screaming "pick me, pick me."

Well always erring on the safe size, I started swatching my trekking sock yarn last night. Maybe I'll have more than one project in the works for the next period of time.

Anyone want to express and yeah or nay for any of the above. Ruling out sometimes is as helpful as picking!!

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JanuaryOne Cara said...

You can't go wrong with CPH and I still LOVE the KH Cardigan even though it's been so rudely pushed to the side for the mitered squares. I hate when I can't decide on a project. Good luck finding one you LOVE!