Saturday, March 03, 2007

What is it? It's a ...


Yes last night my picovoli and I turned the corner. Instead of looking like a clown collar, it is now clear that I'm actually knitting a sweater!

Yes, the Knitting Bandit, my family, and I all weren't sure what it was and if it could really be anything functional. [laugh]

Now... I have faith.

(For those who still are questioning, the green yarn is just temporary... it will eventually come out when I knit up a decorative edge for the neck and sleeves).

I'm looking forward to this weekend and time to continue making progress.

The only bad thing (and I use this phrase very, very loosely), the weather is gonna compete. We have blue skies, high 70s, and a light cool breeze. Maybe after I mow the lawn (yes, I live in Southern California where you have to mow the lawn in February and March ... love it) and weed (yep... spring is here and so are the weeds) I can get back to this lovely mass of blue.

Happy weekend everyone!


Erin said...

Do what I'm doing and knit a hat. It's too warm to knit anything else right now!

Knitting Bandit said...

Your clown collar is lookin' good! Love the blue, it's cheerful! If you hurry, you can wear it while you mow this weekend! It loooks perfect for your beautiful weather. I'll be dressed in long underwear, a turtleneck under my sweater, under my coat, with my gloves and thick socks here in sunny Michigan!