Saturday, December 09, 2006

Knitty Gritty ... part 2

Have I mentioned that I had a great time at the Knitty Gritty taping?

I did.

Everytime I read about the experiences others had during their tapings (e.g., Cookie, Marnie, Vicki, Lisa, Stephanie, Franklin, Amy, Annie), I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Sarah was kind enough to send me the polaroid that the staff took of Tricia Waddell, Vicki (back row), Etta, me, and Sarah on set. Fuzzy, poor lighting, but a nice momento.

Since the show taping, I did finish the project I was knitting on set. A lace ruffle.

This is another pattern from Lace Style demonstrated by Tricia. Since I did my first project for the episode with laceweight, I decided to do this one in something different. I've lost the ball band, but it's bamboo. A beautiful mix of pinks, greens, creams, and browns. Wonderfully slick and soft. I think I'll buy more so I can knit something else.

Here's a close up of the cuff.

It's a fairly simple, 2 row lace repeat, knit in the round. The final few rows are just a K2P2 rib. I modified the pattern a bit to make the cuff shorter which I thought would work better with the denim jacket.

Yesterday I also finished my second sock/stocking (the brown one)! I do think that sock knitting is in my future.

This again is
Yarnthrower's Cabled Christmas Stocking pattern from the Pickin' and Throwin' blog
Because I was looking for a particular color palette, I used four strands of TLC Essentials Worsted Weight in Taupe
(less than 2 skeins)
US size 13 (9 mm) japanese bamboo double pointed needles
finished size 8 inches wide, 20 inches long
started December 4, 2006
finished December 8, 2006 (although the time in between was mostly sitting; it really is an easy one day project)

I'm happy with how it turned out, and thank goodness, it is comparable in size to the first one I knit on Thick and Quick. This second stocking definitely has more stability to it, which would probably make it more functional for holding stuff if it were to be used to hold gifts. I kind of like the original cream one though. It's softer and more flexible (although probably would sag more if full of stuff). Definitely a trade off.

The best news, no tangles with the four strands of yarn. yeah!

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Carol said...

Congrats!!!! Please let us know when the episode airs!!!