Saturday, March 31, 2007

Gardening begins in earnest

The urban garden has begun!

Yesterday after a rather unpleasant shopping experience in mall-land (why do we torture ourselves with visits to such places?), S came home motivated to get the garden into the ground.

We've been purchasing plants for the past two weeks. We got a great group of heirloom tomatoes from the Garden two weeks ago and then S picked up some artichokes, zucchini, and herbs from Armstrong's yesterday morning.

Our goal is to grow this sustainably and organically, if at all possible. While we've had gardes before, and have tried to buy locally for some time using farmers markets, I've recently been very inspired by Path to Freedom. With the organic, sustainable goal in mind, we decided to raise our beds a bit and brought in some "special mix."

Doesn't that list of ingredients sound yummy?

I have to give S big, big amounts of credit for all his work on the garden. He started working the soil last week and did all the planting yesterday. This pic was taken near the end of the day. Do you think he had fun?

While we bought a number of plants in baby-plant stage. We are going to grow our lettuces and spinach from seed. I'm always amazed how quickly you can go from a ditch in the dirt to happy little leaves.

Of course no garden would be done without a happy little drink.

Thanks S for all your hard work yesterday. Everything looks great!

Now I just have to wait for some of those yummy, home grown, organic veggies to be ready!

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