Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Knitting trauma

So as promised in my last post, the outdoors has definitely been competing with my knitting time. Large spans of time on both Saturday and Sunday were spent outdoors mowing, weeding, and generally tidying up.

Gotta love spring.

Sunday night, I did bring myself back indoors and got back to knitting. Since picovoli is knitted top down, she was a good candidate for a try on.

So far so good when it comes to size.

Of course, as soon as I started taking the sweater-ette off, trauma occurred. Yep, stiches started escaping off needles, ladders started forming, and stitch markers started jumping onto the floor. Eeeks!!

With a little concentration I was able to catch all the stiches and with the assistance of my handy dandy crochet hook I was able to repair the ladders. A sigh of relief. Then all that was left was to find the location for the beginning of the round so I could replace the stich marker. I was pretty sure I knew where the marker had come from at least.

Now initially it seemed like luck was with me as I never removed the original "center" marker. So all I had to do was count over and there was the mark. But then... I realized that somehow my original mark was now to the left of my new beginning of round. How could this be? It should have been to the right. I've knitted countless rounds and knew this had to be true. Had I somehow reversed my direction of knitting when I put all the stitches back on one needle after the try on?

Friends let me tell you I tried to wrap my mind about this possibility for some time. Is it possible to start knitting in the round going one direction and end up later going the opposite direction?

Once my head hurt, I decided I just counted over from the original mark in the wrong direction and moved the silly marker. Never try to fix a mistake late at night after bedtime.

So now we are back on track, ready for more progress. Now I just have to find more of that valuable commodity, time.

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Erin said...

My students say the same thing about exams I write late at night.

Funny that...