Wednesday, November 14, 2007

That's the life!

I am sooooo jealous! S is having a fabulous time in Amsterdam. Through the miracle of digital cameras, the interne, and skype (for actual voice conversations), take a look.

S having dinner with our friends Doug and Ilda at an Indonesian (dutch colony) restaurant... the food was called "rise table" like dim sum. The curry mackerel was yummy according to S.

Here's S on a bike... they rode from Doug and Ilda's home to the Hague. Notice what's on those little hands... yep fingerless gloves knit by yours truely. Don't you love seeing a good handknit in use?

A molen (windmill) in Doug and Ilda's little city of Wassenaar.

The queen's place. S notes that it has a moat around it buts says "then again everything has a moat around it here."

S loved this photo... look at all the trolley car lines overhead. He says that there are thousands of people using bikes for transportation and lots of public transit. Nice.

This is in the hague. The building to the right is the Mauritshuis Museum and then the one with the green light is the Binnenhof (the Netherlands Parliament)--the turret part is where the prime minister's office is. S and I think that this is beautiful lighting.

And last, one more beautiful photo of the Parliament building. S said they basically rode their bikes right up to this building and the PM's office--no security. That's the way it should be, I think.

Makes you want to travel doesn't it?

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