Monday, November 12, 2007

The cable-ing... at last!

I am really beginning to appreciate what people mean when they get stalled out on an UFO because of miles and miles of unfinished stockinette stitch. Lucky for me, the miles of SS came at the front of Elizabeth (the Elizabeth Bennet cardigan from Fitted Knits by Stephanie Japel) and they have now ended!

Yep, right down there, at the very bottom of the picture, right after those purl rows... the beginning of cables!

They are still little babies but I've never been so happy to move onto another stage of a project. I think the cabled peplum of this cardigan will keep me much more engaged that the upper bodice has.

And the other good news...

Tentative reads suggest that the final sweater should fit. The waist will hit where the waist should hit and it doesn't seem too big or too small (so far). This wool-angora blend is definitely growing on me too (literally and figuratively, given the shedding). The soft halo of the fabric is definitely attractive. Maybe that generally fuzziness, given the right lighting, will transform the everyday appearance into something special... you know it seems to work in the movies when everything is blurry (see Horse Whisperer for a good example... grin).

I'm excited to have gotten this far, not just for the pure joy of getting here, but also because I joined the Fall Cable KAL. Now I have some pretty little cables to post. Hopefully they will grow and grow and become impressive in a short period of time! This also seems like a good time to post an update on the Fitted Knits KAL. I still haven't seen many Elizabeth's out there on the needles. It's still too early for a final vote, but so far I'm giving it a thumbs up. Maybe the KALs will encourage others to cast on.

See you at the KAL!

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Miss T said...

That looks very pretty--I love the color!