Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mini mi-s (mittens that is)

Last night I just didn't want to work on any of my current WIPs. Not an unfamiliar feeling for most knitters from what I can tell around here in blog land (I think that's how people end up with 15, 20, 40... wips). Rather than cast on for another large project, I decided to try my hand at some mini mittens.

You'll perhaps remember the cover of the Webs holiday 2007 catalogue I showed you earlier this month and my delight at all the little tiny mittens? Well I've been thinking about this ever since and even found the pattern for the babies on the Webs' webpage. Last night seemed like the perfect time to look through the my leftover yarns and whip out some little mittens. Easy, breezy, super simple, and they look so cute. Two pairs down, no telling how many more I'll make.

This morning I thought about how I would take pictures. I've been really impressed lately with some blogs I've been visiting and really feel inspired to improve the overall visuals in mine (for a sample take a look at Tiennie Knits, a friend to knit with, cashmere blend, flint knits, dyed in the wool, ... and another thing, and bag 'n' trash - home of monster yarn, not to mention brooklyn tweed just for a sample).

I started out with the same old mittens on the dining room table runner that I seem to always use...


Maybe I really need to make a light box to improve the color and visuals. But even then, maybe we need some staging....

So I went to the back room, found the pine cones and bark I brought home with me from our trip to Maine this summer and did a little prop utilization. I think the top photo is a little better. Lest we forget where we've come from, I give you the doggie rear for some perspective (on life and the size of the mittens!)

Thanks for visiting today!


Bobbi said...

the mittens are really cute! i know what you mean about being inspired to take better pictures!

Octopus Knits said...

Ooo, the mittens are so cute (and so is the doggy rump)! I love your little pine cone and bark mitten display : ) Very pretty.

tiennieknits said...

Thanks for the nice compliment!