Saturday, November 03, 2007

A crisp cool day and night

Yesterday was one of those crisp beautiful days that are what fall is all about. The morning was complete with a bit of fog.

I love this... boy with dog in fog.

Last night was also beautiful. We went into Santa Anna to meet up with some friends and listen to music.

First, let me say that Santa Anna is beautiful. Look at this architecture.

We had a fab dinner at a restaurant in the building pictured above... Memphis at the Santora ... and then went to see Los Cojolites and Son del Centro. The event was hosted by El Centro Cultural de Mexico and played at the old Yost Theater which was a great venue for a show like this. Both played traditional Son Jarocho music and were just amazing. The speed with which they play their music and the absolute energy level of the performance are just mind boggling.

A great day... no doubt about it... a great day.

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