Monday, September 10, 2007

You spin me right round baby

I had sooooooo much fun on Sunday! I went to a spinning wheel class at A Mano Yarn Center in Venice, taught by John Pitblado.

You may remember that last month I took the drop spindle class with John and found that lots of fun. I was very excited about trying a wheel and was not disappointed with the class.

The lovely ladies at A Mano let several of us borrow wheels, as did John, and the 6 of us in the class took a lovely adventure.

My first experimentation was on a Louet S10 (single treadle. irish tension), with which I had great fun. Here are my singles ready to be plyed.

Having had the drop spindle class I had a much better sense of what I was doing when drafting and what my final objective was, singles size speaking.

Here she is being wound into a ball for plying.

And post plying, John used my little project to demonstrate the use of a tiny, cute little niddy noddy.

The best part... look at that little tiny skein of yarn!

Here's a before and after pic to give you a sense of the colors. It is still a mystery to me to see how such a colorful blend of colors in the fiber can tone down so much in the final yarn. Amazing!

Again, John was a fabulous instructor! After class, I feel inspired to go out and buy a wheel. After using the Louet for most of the class, I did get to try out a double treadled Ashford Joy (scottish tension) which I also really liked quite a bit. It was also great to see 6 different wheels in the class and to get a sense of the different options and how they are similar and different.

Now if I can just find a way to talk myself into spending so much money on a new toy ... hmmm... what rationalization could I use for that?!

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gaysknits said...

i would love to take a spinning class and i have gone so far as to search for one around these parts and no luck yet. it seems like it would be fun but once you start spinning when do you have the time to knit i wonder.