Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ohhhh myyyyy goooood

I just posted (I actually wrote the post yesterday and saved it to upload today now that I'm in the office with internet). After I uploaded it I, just for fun, decided to take a look at the post and a few previous ones.


I just looked back at an earlier post, and low and behold the cable is down the middle of the sweater. (There are also 7 cable rows across the center... I had noticed mine included only 5 when I saw the problem but thought this might be a difference due to sizing).

Now I'm looking back at the most recent picture again ... why does the neck line look so narrow?

Ohhhhh myyyyy goooood .... when I separated for the sleeves and body, I must have reversed the sections! That's why my middle cable suddenly disappeared... I wasn't just careless before when I tried it on ... I tried it on correctly at that point. Where I was stupid was apparently where I separated the parts. I made the sleeves (which should have 5 cables) the body (which should have 7 cables) and vice versa.


OK... I'm sort of stupid but at least I figured it out. I guess I will be frogging some more... four 8-row repeats plus about 4 set up rows. Well I guess reknitting 36 rows to get a good sweater is worth it. I should just be glad for this blog ... at least I discovered my mistake before the end.

Maybe I should go back and tell S we should take down the fence and replace the fence poles too hmm?


Octopus Knits said...

Ha! I really should check to see if you have newer posts before blabbing all long winded about fifi! Seriously, though, I think the pattern tells you to separate the sleeves as you did it, because I did the same thing at first, tried it on (and noticed that the sleeves seemed a little more voluminous than I had expected and the neck was a little narrower -- didn't notice the cable issue at the time)...

Octopus Knits said...

You are so NOT stupid!