Monday, September 03, 2007

Some labor, others not so much

Wow… where to start… days since my last post… so much has happened!

Well let’s start by saying that we still have no internet… yep… 10 days since the tree incident and Time Warner still has not been able to get their act together to fix our cable and internet service. Time Warner apparently contracts out all of its service. Now I see this as a problem to start with (what a way to duck paying benefits to employees) but maybe I can live with that. But… the first technician who came out didn’t get the whole story about what was wrong (just a one line description saying our cable was out). He started inside the house… yep, the electrical fire was at the pole outside the house but this is where he had to start. After 45 minutes he decided we were right and the wire outside needed to be replaced but he couldn’t do that … another tech would have to come out later. OK… annoying, but OK.

We had another appointment for the next day… about 2 hours after our appointment time, the second tech came. Again, knew nothing about what had transpired before. Tech 2 did however drop a new line for us. I left for work hoping that I’d have internet when I returned. No such luck. Tech 3 then came the next day and replaced all the lines inside the house. Again no internet and no digital cable services. Tech 3 now shares with us though that what needs to happen is that an amplifier on the pole needs to be replaced. We have a morning appointment the next day according to the tech for this to occur.

The next morning, time passes… no tech. We call… “oh you have an appointment in September”! That was almost a week away. The nerve, they didn’t even call to tell us they rescheduled our appointment! After a bit of complaining, they agree to move our appointment up to Friday. Friday’s appointment time comes, and you guessed it, no tech. We call and they tell us that someone will be out between 3-5pm. We remind them that what needs to happen is the amp needs to be replaced… everything else inside and outside the house has already been replaced. Around noon, a tech comes… our appointment early perhaps? Maybe being assertive does pay off. But, the tech who comes… doesn’t know anything about what’s happened and doesn’t have an amp with him. He stays and tests the amplitude coming into the house though, looks around at what was done inside and out, and agrees that the amp needs to be replaced. He let’s us know that contractors can’t do this and Time Warner’s inside maintenance guys will have to come out to do this. Sigh… they should call us to let us know when they’ll do that but shouldn’t need us to be home for the appointment. Well we now have little hope that anything will happen… ever.

The story gets even more amazing though… at 3pm, a 5th tech shows up… he has a work order that says our cable is out!! We gave him the five minute overview and sent him on his way. Today… 10 days out… no service. Will it ever be fixed? I’m not holding my breath. We’re looking into alternatives.

Second major life event in the past several days, we’ve been making progress on our fence. We are now half done! Have I mentioned that it’s been 104-106 degrees F every day since we started working on the fence?!

Here’s an in progress shot… this is at about 8am in the morning when it’s only about 95 degrees (grin).

This is where I spent most of the last few days … I got to be the power tool gal.

Seriously … I did all the cutting for fence panels we put up in the last few days … very exciting.

Here’s the final shot of the side yard. Isn’t it beautiful! We started demolition this morning for the back fence.

I’ve never taken so many showers and gone through so many changes of clothes from working outside. Crazy stuff.

The fence is turning out great though … S did a great job planning it out. That, though, is related to another very interesting story which I will save for tomorrow.

Enjoy your Labor!

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Octopus Knits said...

Wow -- I can't believe the cable company doesn't have a better system for communicating to its contractors/employees. I hope they fix things soon.

The fence looks great! Sounds like hot work, though...