Sunday, September 23, 2007

Welcome back to Cali

I love California... it is so good to be back home.

My trip to Oklahoma was very productive... much work was accomplished. I also had a nice visit with S's grandparents and friend that were left behind when we moved out here.

S flew out to Oklahoma on Thur but decided that his visit was too short so he decided to extend his stay past the original departure date (today) until Tues. So now I'm home and enjoying the company of my three other boys, who all seem happy to see me. I'm happy to see them too. =]

Coming home was kind of amazing... California entered Fall while I was gone. When I got here late this afternoon is was cool, breezy, and overcast. Definitely not summer weather. Guess I better get busy with FiFi; pretty soon it will be too cool to wear her.

Speaking of not finishing knitting... my productivity was limited to work and not the fiber realm this week. After my MacGyver on the way out, I barely cracked open the knitting bag. I did knit a bit on the plane today, but only until I realized that the woman next to me had started to sniff and sneeze... yep... apparently she's allergic to alpaca. (laugh). So my progress on clapotis was somewhat limited. You can at least now get a sense of what she's destined to be though.

(Sorry the picture isn't too great... I didn't want to wait til tomorrow to take another photo and post).

FiFi is still in the same place where last we met... probably 8 hours away from completion.

She does look lovely... I just need to get myself busy.

So a great week ... now more great weeks to come. I'm looking forward to fall.

p.s. yesterday was my blogiversary... hard to belive it's been a whole year!


Octopus Knits said...

I'm glad you had a productive trip! It's so good of you to notice your seatmate was allergic to your knitting...

Yes, be sure to finish Fifi in time to wear her some this year!

Jenean said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Glad you're back :)