Sunday, September 30, 2007

Weekend recap

It's been a pleasant weekend here in sunny southern CA. Friday night S and I went to see a new movie, Across the Universe. I'm strongly endorsing this one!

Very quirky... a musical ... story incorporating a series of Beatles songs (hence the title). If you liked Moulin Rouge, this is a film for you. I laughed out loud in several places, found the actors to be very strong singers and good performers, and enjoyed the amazing visuals. If you're interested in something outside of the mainstream, I think you'll like this one. There are more details on IMDb but the main web site I linked to first has several clips, as well as the trailer, online. The trailer doesn't do the film justice. The clip of the army physical exam gives you a bit better feel for the film, I think.

Yesterday we spent meandering around town. We visited our local farmers market and picked up a bit for the end of summer

and the beginning of fall.

We also visited a local nursery to explore what types of fruit trees we might want to plant in our side yard (fall is the time to plant trees!). We had to take down some scrubby pine trees (I'm sure everyone remembers my complaints when I had to dispose of the remains of one that came down on its own... or maybe with some help from a bouganvillia) and want to replace trees with trees.

We did go ahead and buy a small lime to replace the one on our patio that was murdered when our big eucalyptus dropped a limb and need to do some exploring to make choices about the rest. We are leaning towards a fig, avacado, apple (maybe a 3 in one) and peach/nectarine (maybe a 4 in one). We have concluded that we aren't the best farmers -- we tend to plant and then not follow through too well with our harvest and care -- but we are committed to doing better. We definitely need new, smallish trees, so dwarf variety fruits seem like an obvious choice.

After fruit shopping, we also went by our local flea market / monthly antique fair in downtown Pomona and I stumbled into a cache of old kitting needles and notions. I have to say while I didn't "need" any more straight needles, at 50cents a set, I came home with all the seller had. I think they'll serve a mostly decorative purpose, but I'm loving them.

We spent most of the rest of our day, hanging our in our little home. We enjoyed our recently recovered, new old rocking chair...

(S's Gran did a fabulous job recovering the seat... the cats like to sit both on it and under it) and I did manage to get in a little knitting on clapotis. Perhaps more knitting updates after more free time today.

Last, I'm pleased to report that I (just) met my mileage goal for this quarter, finishing my walk this morning with a total of 130.7 miles. Yeah!! I was worried I wouldn't quite make it with the time off during our trip to Maine and a bit of a disruption from my normal schedule during the trip to Oklahoma. A few extra miles this week helped me over the hump though. Now I just need to decide on the goal for my last 3 month, or maybe even a year long total.

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Octopus Knits said...

Good to know you liked the movie! I've seen some trailers for it and was curious about it.

Yay for sunflowers (and pumpkins)!

The cats had just better watch where they put their toes and tails when hanging out around the rocker, lest they be rocked upon!