Wednesday, September 05, 2007

ribbit, ribbit, ribbit

That was me... the frogger... last night.

FiFi has now been readjusted (sleeves made into sleeves, body made into body) and a nice cable is running down the center of the front and back. Now I just have about 10 inches of bodice left to do! [insert maniacial laugh here]

On completed fronts, look at the lovely little finishing touch S put on the front gate... they are solar lights (one hangs on each side of the gate).

Too cute!

Day 14 without internet and full cable service. Time Warner stinks.


Erin said...

Seriously cute. You wouldn't feel like sharing with the rest of us where your husband found such fabulous solar lights? Do you think they ship out of California?

Inquiring minds and all...

LizKnits said...

S actually found them at Home Depot... they come 2 to a box. He said Lowe's had the same thing, but sold singly and slightly more expensive. Bet you can find them where you are too.