Monday, June 18, 2007


Well if last weekend wasn't busy enough, S and I decided we had to turn our living space upside down and do a little home makeover.

That meant that there was little progress on this...

my drop stitch tank from Fitted Knits.

I haven't blogged much about this recently but it has been coming along. I think the last time I mentioned it, I was struggling to find gauge. I had tried several different sized needles (3s, 5s, and 7s) and just wasn't sure what to do. After very helpful advice from several women on the Fitted Knits Along, I decided to go the middle route and to try the size US5 needles.

After a bit of knitting I decided that it was going to be a bit too snug on the 5s. I might have been able to get away with it but felt sure that it would be a little too tight around the hips. The good news is that I decided the sizing wasn't good before I finished the whole sweater.

The bad news is that it took me a pretty large "swatch" to make the decision. Yes, that half sweater on the left (above) isn't the back of the sweater, it's my "swatch" on US 5s. The sweater half on the right is my new and improved sweater on US 6s. I think it will give me another 1 1/2 that will make the difference. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and will keep you posted.

So about that disruption.

We live in a smallish house (less than 1000 sq foot) but we have, technically, 3 bedrooms. As you might imagine the smallest bedroom is pretty tiny. S has been using that as his home office. Two years into living in the house, we decided we weren't really using the space we have efficiently and decided to rearrange.

So now, what used to be our master bedroom is now the office...

gotta love the view from that office window. To make it more office like, we went out and purchased new bookcases and promptly filled them up (Note. No new books were purchased in the creation of this monster).

The guest bedroom (the middle sized room) then became our bedroom. After all we only sleep in the bedroom, why use up all that space?

And the smallest room (what used to be the office), well now it's the guestroom/exercise room.

All of the rooms need work still, but this one needs the most. We are going to live with it for a while but may eventually replace the bed with a sleeper sofa so it can be more of a knitting/exercise/reading room. We'll see how that goes with time.

For now, we're sorting stacks and putting stuff away into its new spaces. I think that this new arrangement will definitely give us more bang for our buck. After all, when you live in a small space, you don't want to waste a square foot with disuse!

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