Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hip Kitty

After a very busy week, S picked me up from the office on Friday and we went into Claremont for fondue at the Hip Kitty, a fondue and jazz club on the east end of the Packing House, a new shopping/dining development that used to be a citrus packing facility.

We had delicious food... veggies, fruits and bread (ok only S had the bread) dipped into manchego cheese with sherry and, for dessert, milk chocolate with cognac and an assortment of fruits, pound cake and snickers (yes, call it crazy but they give you snickers to coat in melted chocolate, again only S was privvy to the cake and snickers but claimed it was delicious).

I was all up for the experience but wasn't sure what the food would be like, but it was great.

Great locale...

Good company....

and definitely great food and drink. We left just before the live music but my impression is that it would have been good too.

The other perk... as we walked around after dinner, I spied a new yarn shop, Phebie's Needle Art. I'm looking forward to going back later when they are open to look around. This is quite remarkable given that last week I noticed another new yarn shop just a few blocks from our house, Two Old Divas! I've spoken to one of the divas [grin] by phone and can't wait to go there either. The world must be improving if yarn shops are springing up everywhere!

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Anonymous said...

Oooh, another knit shop to check out, I have never heard of the Divas one! Phebie's used to be over in Montclair, they moved when they built the Village Annex. I went in there a couple weekends ago to get some beads. It's ok, I was never really impressed with her shop before, now it's just ok. Very small. I still love Knitwitz.