Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My sanity has escaped me

Can I tell you something? I think I've lost it! [laugh]

My life has become one big, giant, can never be accomplished, to-do list.

So how am I responding? I'm sitting at home, blogging. That's going to help me get things done hmm? Ok, probably not, but it may help me re-capture sanity, and you know you never want your sanity to be running amuk.

Yesterday was just one of those days. My bio-diesel running car decided it was going to die last week (hence my ride on the lovely public transport vehicle last week). S and I decided to wait until this week to deal with it because we both are just too busy for life. Monday morning we had it towed to the garage. S had an early appointment and because I didn't want to go to work at 6am, I decided to ride the bus to work again.

Chortle, chortle, chortle... that was a great idea! The ride took me 1 hour and 20 minutes. As a refresher this is a 10-15 minute trip by car. Buses were late, connections missed, and I just scrambled into the office 2 minutes before my first appointment of the day.

The rest of the day was the same. Hurry, hurry, late, late. I also had back-to-back appointments all day long 10am-6:30pm.

I know I have this giant pile of things waiting to be done and it just isn't/can't happen.

So here I am this morning, getting nothing done. Trying to take a mental health break. Have I mentioned I teach 2 classes tonight from 4-10pm? I'm not really ready for class and haven't graded last week's assignments yet either.

Quiet place, quiet place, relax, take a deep breath.

Last night despite my craziness I decided I must go to my local SnB meeting. I'm really glad I did. The LYS that hosts the event once a month, Knitwitz, has moved to a new location and I love it! The space feels great and is much warmer than the last location.

I also got to see some old friends, Jenean and Beth (to the left), and meet someone new, Claudia (to the right). It was a great break and gave me a chance to knit at least a bit on my drop stitch tank. Of course, since I can't talk and knit at the same time, I made some mistakes. I'm going to have to see if I can fix things or if I'll be swimming in the frog pond.

Wish me luck with class tonight and with catching sanity the rest of the week!

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Jenean said...

I so know the felling, girl! That seems to be what I've been feeling for the last 5 months!!! When will life slow down so that we can catch up? LOL I'm supposed to be finishing my research homework so that I can pack for my camping trip, but I needed a break, so some blog hopping was in order :) Have a great weekend!